Air Yourself Out

I experienced a profound revelation this week:  towels don’t ever dry well in the cramped bathroom on their towel bars.  They end up emitting that glorious musty-mildewy perfume within just a few days. 

I decide to reject–once and for all–the towel bar in the bathroom. 

Instead, I let all the towels dry by spreading them out on a drying rack.  I position this rack right in front of the window so lots of sunshine and fresh air could dry my towels.  Watching these towels this morning, I consider what it means to stay fresh in my own life.  Am I hung up on a towel bar of criticism, bitterness, regret, or cynicism? 


I have to let things air out.  I need to put myself in new, expansive, open environments to keep fresh.  There’s something horrible about staying in the cramped, folded-up position that breeds the must and mildew.  Living with flair means not letting mildew grow in my own heart. 

Journal:  Where does life feel cramped and musty? 

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  1. OK, I know this post has much deeper meaning, but seriously, what is with these bathrooms? Our bath mat never gets completely dry unless we exile it to the balcony.