Pack Your Basket and Picnic Today

This morning, we announce that we’ll be picnicking.  We have a little basket, fruit, sandwiches, thermoses of drinks, fun snacks, and playing cards. 

My youngest daughter cannot contain her excitement.  She literally jumps around the apartment with suggestions for our basket. 

Who can resist a picnic? 

I think about all the picnics from my own life.  One time, a friend and I consumed an entire bag of cherries down by the Potomac River.  Another time, I had a picnicking first date.  As a young mother, no matter what kind of day we were having, if I served lunch on a blanket outside, suddenly the day turned magical.  We’d lean back against a red checkered blanket, smell the grass, and watch the clouds. 

Living with flair means picnicking. 

Journal:  Do you have picnic memories? 

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