A Small and Peaceful Thing

Nearly every day now, I light a candle.

That small flickering flame and the aroma of scented wax fills the house with at least a little bit of calm. It functions as a call to a moment of peace.

Amid all the clamor, I set up a candle and observe the flame. It’s a small thing, but I realize that I string pearls of very small moments together to make this beautiful day:

Stirring creamer into a fresh cup of coffee; opening wide the windows to feel the morning breeze; making beds; nodding in agreement with a smiling friend; sipping green tea; hearing the click of keys on a keyboard; and lighting a candle.

The candle is her own peaceful pearl on this strand.

What peaceful moment did you have today?

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  1. I rarely light candles (except for dinner occasions) but just lit one in my kitchen two minutes before reading your blog.