A Problem: Waiting for Something to Happen

Today in class, we talk about campaigns for social change. We talk about problems we see around us. For the past few semesters, students report that they have many friends who “sit around, checking Facebook, waiting for a text.”

They want to change this. There’s something wrong and so troubling about it.

These people don’t do anything but check and wait. For what? Something. Maybe they cannot even articulate what the something is. 
A laugh? A funny video? A clever tweet? A photo? An invite? 
Meanwhile, life happens elsewhere. Beautiful, amazing, satisfying things are happening. You don’t have to wait for them. It’s now. 
I tell my students it wasn’t like this for me as a young adult. Nobody sat around, waiting with a screen in our hands. We were out there, living.
So I’m not waiting. I’m doing it.
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