A Great Thanksgiving Quiz for Around the Table

The Amazing Baker Family sent my family a fabulous Thanksgiving quiz to try around the dinner table. Of course, they didn’t provide the answers (that would be too easy!), but I’m sure you’ll have fun debating the answers and looking them up yourselves.

I hope this quiz creates some great conversations.

The Baker Family Thanksgiving Quiz 2013—Baker Family

1. What is the ONLY animal whose testimony is allowed in a court of law?
2. What is the ONLY continent without mold or mildew?
3. What is the ONLY fruit with seeds that grow on the outside?
4. Which is the ONLY state in the USA in which houseflies cannot live?
5. Who was the ONLY woman to win two Nobel Prizes?
6. Which are the ONLY other creatures apart from human beings that go into battle into formation?
7.  Which is the ONLY mammal that cannot jump?
8.  What is the ONLY musical instrument native to the USA?
9.  What is the only word in the English language that is pronounced the same after the last four letters are dropped?
10. What are the only animals to shed emotional tears?
11.  Which is the ONLY South American country with English as its official language?
12. What is the ONLY ancient Wonder of the World still standing?
13. What is the ONLY city located on two continents?
14. What is the ONLY mammal that can fly?
15. What is the ONLY human food manufactured by an insect?
16. Which is the ONLY country with a 100% literacy rate?
17. What is the ONLY substance on earth that is naturally present as a solid, liquid and gas?
18.   Apart from human beings, which is the ONLY animal that can learn to stand on its head?
19. Which is the only continent without any glaciers?
20.  Who is the only president who later became a senator?
21.  Where is the only place where the USA flag is flown continuously?
22. Who was the only president to give his entire salary to charity?
23. Who was the only president with his name inscribed on a plaque on the moon?
24. What is the only crime mentioned in the US Constitution?
25.  What is the only mammal with a bill?

     How did you do? 

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