A Good Verb Can Change Your Life

Today I tell a student I have another favorite verb besides grapple


I just love this verb.  It means to magnify, to raise the quality of, or to intensify.  It derives from the Latin and French words meaning “to raise up.” 

I’m convinced that a good verb can change your life.  

What if when we entered a room, folks thought that our presence enhanced the beauty, goodness, and peace of the atmosphere?  What if we worked to raise the quality of every single situation? 

I will enhance the hot cocoa with marshmallows and mini chocolate chips.
I will enhance my office hours by offering cold beverages and playing uplifting music. 
I will enhance my marriage by surprising my husband with a gift. 
I will enhance my home by exuding hope and optimism. 

I’m leaving for campus and asking myself how I can enhance each moment.  Living with flair means we enhance

Journal:  What did I enhance today? 

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  1. I've never forgotten the story of the New York cabbie who kept his cab spotless, a fresh newspaper available and beverages in a small frig. He enhanced the cab ride experience of his customers as well as his own well being.