My Ruined Fall Photos

I live on a street where, when the leaves change in the fall, they seem lit from within like they’re going up in flames. “You just have to see the one in my backyard,” my neighbor says.  I stand with my neighbor and observe this tree.

I take several other pictures of gorgeous autumn leaves so red and purple that you can’t even believe it.  But when I upload the photos, a blurry smudge obscures every shot.  Whatever it is, it’s actually on the lens. 

You can’t take beautiful photos with a dirty lens.  I think about this very simple and obvious lesson:  I want to cleanse my heart and mind so I can observe with clarity the beauty about me.

I ask myself what ruins my outlook, and it’s usually that I’m self-focused rather than God-focused. I wipe the lens with the cloth and return to the task. 

Journal:  What often ruins your focus? 




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