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The Question They Ask Most

As folks write about their blog’s year-in-review, I decide to look up the information about my blog’s traffic sources. How do readers find Live with

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I’m Not the Only One

I’m amazed that when you share your deepest insecurities and struggles, someone always says, “You, too? You mean I’m not the only one?” This morning,

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Nothing Hides Here

The cats alert me that something’s outside the window. They pace nervously, meowing and pawing at the glass. It’s a little bird. I peer outside

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In a Single Night

When I was in 6th grade, my teacher, Mrs. Kaiser, told the class what Christmas was like for her as a child. She went to

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All the Christmas Goodies

For the Christmas holidays this year, we make traditional iced Christmas cookies to share, but we also attempt a Red Velvet Cake and various kinds

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