I’m Not the Only One

I’m amazed that when you share your deepest insecurities and struggles, someone always says, “You, too? You mean I’m not the only one?”

This morning, I share my thoughts on being “seated in Christ” with a crowd of folks. I’m confessing my current struggles with the 3 A’s: Appearance, Affluence, and Achievement. I wonder if I sound crazy or stupid or just irrelevant. 
Did anyone else feel the way I felt about their lives? Was anyone else battling for a seat at the table?
One by one, they come. Students approach, often with tears in their eyes, to confess how the felt the same way I had described. 
Come into the light, my friends. When you share the deepest, most hidden thing, one by one, others will come to say–with profound relief and gratitude–“I’m not the only one!”
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  1. I have written a piece but I've been so reluctant to share … “crazy, stupid, irrelevant”…I know those voices. Thank you for encouragement to stop listening to them.