If You’re Comparing Your Christmas

This morning, I remember a statement from July 2011. Back then, I thought that everyone else was having so much more fun than I was in a different location, with different friends, and with different experiences.

It was painful to think like this.

This Christmas, the thought didn’t cross my mind as I saw all the beautiful pictures on social media. In fact, I was so happy for everyone else. I was truly thankful for all the joy I saw on Facebook and Twitter. Part of this transformation in my heart was my new understanding of Ephesians 2:6 (being seated in Christ in the heavenly realms) and this little quote from the Hayden Planetarium. Read below, and enjoy:

All Seats Provide Equal Viewing of the Universe

I discovered this quote at the public library yesterday.  It’s from the Museum Guide from Hayden Planetarium inside a novel by Lorrie Moore.  I read it out loud and it seemed to catch in my throat.  All week I’ve wanted to go home to Pennsylvania.  All week I’ve imagined a different life.  It seemed, as I read it again, that some great voice of wisdom gently whispered in my ear. 

I turned to my daughter and read it to her.

“Do you know what that means?”  I asked.  “It means that no matter where you are, you have an equal chance to perceive the beauty of God.”

When I want to trade seats to find a better view, I’m going to sit tight and realize my equal chance to see–right where I am–the beautiful things God wants to show me.  

Journal:  What do I see today that proves I have an equal chance to see the beauty of God?

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