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My Day Is Not My Own

Today, nothing goes according to plan. With a school closure and all my dreams for solitary writing dashed, I prepare for the exact opposite: boisterous

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A Nest Filled with Snow

The sun explodes onto the backyard this morning. We shade our eyes from the snow’s reflection of her. The whole scene sparkles and shimmers. My

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An Eager and Humble Heart

Today I remember that I absolutely love spending time with people who–even after decades–maintain the curiosity and wonder of a child. I have a friend

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Better Than You Found It

I’m talking about oath taking in my advanced writing course. We’re reading the Hippocratic Oath for health professionals and asking ourselves what a professional oath

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Keep Them Talking

My friends with teenage children tell me that one way to survive the teenage years is to “keep them talking.” That’s the most important thing.

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Go Easy On Yourself

Today–despite all of our resolve and all of our goal setting to walk our mile to school every day–we drive in. We have a -15

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