What They Don’t Deserve

Sometimes I just want to punish students for asking me for recommendations last minute. I want to close my office door when they come by to get class notes because they overslept for class. I think about withholding all my good will and servant mindset because they just don’t deserve it.

But neither do I.

I don’t deserve any of the goodness and blessing of God, and yet He bestows it freely. I think about this theological truth and change my heart towards the people in my path today. Neighbors, children, students, and colleagues: their good (or terrible) behavior shouldn’t change my opinion of them. I freely extend the grace God shows me.

Living with flair means we stop punishing people because they don’t deserve good things. Neither do we.

Did you have to extend grace today?

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  1. Thank you. This really resonates with me. I need to remember this when I'm feeling stressed, hungry, and frustrated.