Best Blogging Advice: Keep It Short

Most people spend about 30 seconds reading your blog. Maybe less.

I’ve heard from folks that if they click on a blog and see paragraph after paragraph of text, they don’t want to read it. It’s too much effort. It’s too much commitment. Besides, many people read blogs when they have a moment between other activities. They don’t have time to wade through pages of your thoughts.

Think concise.

I know how hard this is. I know because I’ve been teaching writing courses for ten years. Shorter is harder. Shorter means every word matters and packs a punch.

Think of a blog post like a little poem or song you offer up for the day. Think of distilling down your thoughts and compressing them into that golden nugget of insight.

Try to write your blog in under 20 sentences. Try to keep it under 200 words.  Your readers will love you.

Why do you think it’s so hard to keep things short?

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  1. Perfect timing! I've been playing with the idea of writing more concise posts frequently than my current practice of whenever I get to it because I have so much to say! I'm taking this advice as blog challenge today.