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The You They Want

The last little girl just left my house after a small birthday party for my youngest daughter. With a tight budget, we hosted a “garden

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Gone in One Day

The weeping cherry has bloomed! The children hide underneath and make a fort.  We’ll only have these blooms for ONE DAY.   The thunder storm will

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How to Blog Every Day

When you blog for almost 400 days straight, sometimes you get emails asking how to blog every day. The average blog lasts 6 weeks (42

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My Easter Tantrums

I could chronicle my life in tantrums. Two years ago, I demanded new Easter dresses and complained that we didn’t have reservations at the expensive

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What Has to Die in Me?

This afternoon, I notice my winterberry bush budding in the backyard.  Those blooms hold particular significance this Easter season because I’ve beheld their cycle this

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