What Has to Die in Me?

This afternoon, I notice my winterberry bush budding in the backyard. 

Those blooms hold particular significance this Easter season because I’ve beheld their cycle this whole year.  I see death and resurrection, and I suddenly remember the importance of death

For months, this bush seemed more acquainted with death than life.    The brittle and barren branches! 

This bush endured the assault of ice storms.  Those branches seemed hopeless, trapped, and unchanging.

Things were being put to death in her.

Now, these new buds burst forth. 

I remember my winterberry bush when I think about God’s work in my life.  I go through seasons when things have to die in me.  The soul in winter feels like death, but with every burial, there’s a resurrection.  What will Jesus bring forth in us?  We await that bloom even when we cannot perceive the secret work happening deep within our souls.  

Journal:  What has to die in me this Easter?  What will God bring forth? 

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  1. This is so very true. I think only once we feel the sting of death and loss, can we truly appreciate life.
    Many Blessings this Easter.

  2. I almost died on a Good Friday when I was 29 years old (I'm 45). So when I read that question, I thought “I don't want anything to die this Easter — I almost did that already!”

    But it is a great question. And having (almost) done it, I can vouch for the fact that it changes the way you think about Good Friday, and Easter, and death, and life.

    Love your blog!