God is Not Confused

I love to remember that God is not confused. When I feel confused, unsure, or unable to know how to think properly about something, I think about how God is “greater than our hearts, and he knows everything” (1 John 3:20). I also remember David’s prayer in Psalm 139 for God to search him and know his heart and then lead him “in the way everlasting.” David recalled that God can “discern [his] thoughts from afar” (2) and searches out the paths he should take (3).

These words make me wonder if David felt confused, unsure, and unable to think properly about something. He appealed to God’s clarity, understanding, and clear paths. God is never confused. He is greater than our hearts and minds. When we cannot trust our ourselves, we trust God who is greater and knows everything.


Best Case Scenario

I meet with a new friend who decided to change her mindset in life. Instead of always imagining the worst case scenario and letting her mind go down the dark trails of what if this or that, she now thinks things like this:

What if something amazing happens?
What if all my dreams come true?
What if there’s a blessing here?
What if I see God in a great and powerful way?

I love her vision of the best case scenario to keep her heart and mind joyful, at ease, and hopeful.


Taking the High Ground

I’m standing on Cemetery Ridge in Gettysburg. I’m here for a conference with Cru. On the ridge, you have the advantage of visibility. You even have gravity on your side. I look down across the battlefield as the sun begins to set.

Our instructor tells us that the Battle of Gettysburg was won by taking the high ground. Whoever has the high ground in warfare wins. One only has to stand on Cemetery Ridge or Little Round Top to see what the generals saw. I learn that when arriving on new terrain, the first question must always be this: How can I take the high ground?

Our instructor mentions Ephesians 2:6 as well and how we have been raised with Christ and are now seated in the heavenly realms. We have taken the high ground. We are able to see things from the perspective of God’s power, purpose, and provision. If I could add anything to my book, Seated with Christ, I would focus on another little word: up. God raised us up with Christ. We are far above the fray. We have the high ground.


Roll With It

You know the expression to “just roll with it”? I love the image of being the kind of person who just “rolls” with whatever happens. I picture myself as a cozy ball just rolling down the hill, enjoying the landscape and the breeze. The opposite of rolling feel like braking. You’re stiff and unmoving. You’re unwilling to go with the flow.

The older I grow, the more I’m learning to “Just roll with it.” Plane delays? Roll. Change in plans? Roll. Interruptions? Roll.

Just roll with it.


Something to Remember from the Wizard of Oz

Last night, I popped into a backyard Bible study group in town who will study Included in Christ. As we talked about living in the truth and not letting Satan attack us with lies, we remembered the scene in The Wizard of Oz where Glinda laughs in the face of the Wicked Witch who threatens her. She exclaims, “Rubbish! You have no power here! Be gone!”

I remember that as I stand in my identity in Christ, clothed with His righteousness, I can laugh to the enemy and say, “Be gone! You have no power here!”




The Shaping. The Lighting.

The creamed spinach was excellent! We gobbled it up! So that recipe makes the recipe binder cut. In other news, I’m glad to report I’ve encouraged my potted plum tree to arrive at the perfect shape. It’s adorable!

Now, I’ll insulate the pot (to protect the roots from too much cold) and let the tree enjoy winter on the porch; it must meet its chilling requirement before blooming next spring. One might think it needs the warmth of an indoor spot, but no. It must chill. I remember we all have our own chilling requirement.  (PS: A fruit tree in Pennsylvania needs approximately 1,000 hours of cold-weather rest before bear

ing fruit. Some of you needed to hear that. Go rest. Go chill. Take 1,000 hours.)

Along with the other two plum trees growing in the backyard, this potted plum will hopefully bear fruit next year. What have I learned? A gardener prunes and cuts to get the right shape. I think about the shape of my own life and how we can thank God for the way we’re growing. We can thank Him for what life looks like. He knows what He’s doing.

Next, I’m amazed at what happened to a drooping indoor plant that kept straining toward a window. It wasn’t thriving. It seemed deflated.

My husband put a full-spectrum plant light over the plant stand (which he made in the woodworking shop!), and within a few hours, the plant reaches joyfully upward. It knows what good light feels like. It know what it needs. I pray we all reach joyfully upward to God’s light today. When we find Jesus, it’s what real light feels like. It’s what we’ve always needed but didn’t know. Reach up! Bask in it. Inflate. Thrive.



A Creamed Spinach Recipe I’m Trying

I have so much spinach in my refrigerator. Today I remembered how much my husband loves creamed spinach, so I began searching for a recipe.

I found this version called Heathy Creamed Spinach, and I’m so excited to try it! I love creamy cashew sauces, especially if nutmeg is involved!

I truly enjoy trying new recipes, rating them, and adding them to our family recipe binder. To gain entrance to the recipe binder, we must rate the recipe as “outstanding.” I’ll let you know what we think!



You hope you will, and sometimes, you do.

As I’m walking around the beautiful Fox Hill Gardens to find fall mums, I stop by a little pond. I lean down because in my hopes and dreams of childhood, I always searched for frogs who might just sit on lily pads. It’s something from stories and paintings and imagination. It’s something you hope you’ll see but rarely do.

But sometimes, you look into the pond and a frog is sitting on a lily pad.


A Beautiful Day

Besides the enormous hustle and bustle around Penn State due to our White Out game and the presence of College Game Day broadcasting on ESPN from the lawn of Old Main, life feels quiet on my street. I just delivered three ripe garden tomatoes to the neighbors. I took a walk with a friend. I harvested raspberries. I drank coffee and thought about life. I might run another load of laundry.

Of course, alongside this simple day, there’s massive excitement—like a tingle in the air— as we count down to the big game tonight, and even a few streets over, the lines at the grocery store stretch far as people grab their tailgate food of deli sandwiches, wings and lobster rolls, hot pretzels and buffalo chicken dip.

A mile or so down from the grocery store, campus overflows with fans from both Penn State and Auburn. The little country airport hasn’t seen such traffic in years. Every hotel room is packed, and homes in my neighborhood offer beds for out of town guests for a high price.

So it’s a big day! As they say, let’s hope the Lions beat the Tigers tonight! In just a few hours, I’ll hear the fans and the music from the stadium if I stand in my front yard and listen.

When you live in a college town like Penn State, it’s hard not to fall in love with football and tailgating. I join in from afar. I like watching the game from my cozy living room, wrapped in a blanket with a cat curled up on my lap, but we still set up a tailgate area in the kitchen with spinach-artichoke dip, fried chicken, mac-n-cheese, chips, fruit, and desserts. It’s the culture I’ve adopted, right down to my Penn State fan gear.

Simplicity alongside enormity.

We Are!