First Nest of the Season

I’m back to the blog after my time away for teaching, speaking, and writing. I’m almost finished with Book 2 in the Elita Brown Series. It’s called The Disappearing Seat, and it’s due to the publisher on June 1st. Enjoy this picture of the first robin’s nest of spring in my yard. The Nest raises this question: What new dreams shall I birth this spring?

Enjoy my list of 10 answers to 10 questions you’re asking.

  1. What have I been doing? I’m teaching full time at Penn State and traveling most weekends for speaking on Seated, Sent, and Six Conversations. I’m also writing and loving my “empty nest” time with Ashley. We have a blast together! It’s wonderful being a support to our grown girls in college, and we love building a new life in this new stage. We love the gym, cooking great meals, the Seaside Hotel on PBS, home repairs, and time with our community group friends from church.
  2. What have I been seeing? I discovered the Groundhog Tortoise (also called Gopher Tortoise) in the dunes of Amelia Island last weekend. This tortoise is a “keystone species” and protected by law because its presence impacts so many other species. The burrows they dig for homes also shelter 400 other species, and their digging turns up the minerals in the soil to create a perfect growth environment for many plants. (pictures below) The Groundhog Tortoise raises this question: How does my life create a good habitat for others to thrive?
  3. What’s something I’m excited about? My plumcot, peach, lemon, and fig. Next week, my tree health specialist, Kristen, comes to help me prune the plums. The “forced regeneration” worked! We cut down the plum trees in winter, and just last week, new shoots emerged from the old trunk. The Plum Tree Raises this question: What might I cut out completely from my schedule to allow to regenerate in a healthy way later?
  4. Why did I stop blogging for a while after blogging every day for over 10 years? I decided to protect my writing energy and skip some days when it would tax me too much to find an internet connection (planes, remote places). In winter, I felt more sick than normal and took longer to recover from a bad cold I had over Thanksgiving. Like my mentor tells me, “The most important resource isn’t money or time as you age; it’s energy.” Then I decided to wait for new inspiration. The Groundhog Tortoise did it. I’m back.
  5. What am I reading? I’m doing The Bible Recap and LOVING IT. It’s a chrorological Bible reading plan. I’m also reading Wake Up Grateful, by Kristi Nelson with a support group that helps a grieving friend.
  6. What am I recommending to people? Journaling! Buy a cool journal, some stickers, great pens, and record some things each day. 5 things you’re thankful for. 5 things you need help from God with. 5 people you’re praying for. Also remember the 5 prayers (wisdom, favor, that God sends me to help, joy, protection)

I’m traveling to Colorado this weekend, but I’ll be sure and blog about any cool things I find!

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