The Last Night of the Conversation Cafe

Ashley and I agree that hosting the conversation nights at Sower’s Harvest in the month of February will forever stand as one of our favorite activities we’ve done as a couple. We experienced so much joy, belonging, laughter, and true warmth with people who were once complete strangers. Every Tuesday evening, Ashley and I taught simple skills from The Six Conversations (for maybe 30 minutes), and for the rest of the hour, the guests simply engaged in loving conversations.

Last night, we had to bring in more chairs, move everyone around, and squeeze in tightly. Students stood against the back wall. Professors gathered in seats. Community members greeted one another. Teens came. Some couples drove 45 minutes from their homes over the mountain. We drank delicious coffee, tried new loose teas, and munched on crispy grapes.

We practiced listening to one another and identifying our core values. We wrapped up by asking people the best thing they learned and what they wanted to learn more about.

Ashley and I will remember the February of 2024 when we went every Tuesday to a cozy little coffee shop to help people enjoy better conversations. I’ll post pictures when I have them!

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