Still Living Seated

I just finished speaking to the US Campus Ministry staff of Cru on being seated with Christ. And I loved it! I didn’t worry about anything. It’s because I’m seated, and nothing else matters.


Remembering Philippians 2

Whenever I am in a new place and unsure of myself, I remember Philippians 2. I can take my eyes off myself and “take on the nature of a servant.” I love Philippians 2 because it reminds me to consider the interests of others, to fight for their well-being, and to seek to bless people wherever I go. Not surprisingly, this mindset helps heal anxiety and fear because I’m focused outward, not inward.


“Every delay is God’s way.”

Our family uses two little mottos to keep our spirits cheerful in the midst of disappointment. First, “Every rejection is God’s protection.” Second: “Every delay is God’s way.”

Both statements reflect deeply theological positions on God’s love and sovereignty. So when we arrive to the airport and our airline announces a two hour delay, we don’t despair or complain. God is in charge. Every delay is God’s way.


Gardening Joy

Let me list 5 little joys today:

  1. The lemon seed is growing into a mighty tree.
  2. My hands smell like cilantro and basil from harvesting in the garden. We’ll top our Thai Carrot Soup dinner with fresh herbs.
  3. My gardenia is staying green and not dropping her buds. We discovered that we were under-watering her! Now she is thriving.
  4. The lavender has so far given us five beautiful bunches that we’ve dried and collected for future projects.
  5. The raspberries are blessing the squirrels and birds whenever I cannot pick them. It’s always good to leave a little something for others.



My oldest daughter passed her Pennsylvania driving test today, and now that we’ve officially added her to our insurance, she’s already left for the first time on her own to pick up something at Home Depot or Lowes of all places. Before this, she drove with her sister in the passenger seat as I sat quietly in the back. I barely coached her; that time has passed. Now, I would pipe up in case of emergency.

This transition to the “backseat” of parenting–and of living in general–as I age marks something important in life. We slip back to let others drive. We’re the wisdom givers, the intercessors, and the encouragers. We’re the safety net and the silent rock that stays sturdy behind others as they move into adulthood and into greater influence in the world.

We move from the front to the back, and it’s just as it should be.


The Best Summer Pasta Salad

I make this cold pasta salad, and the family devours it. My children and their friends eat it so quickly that I’m amazed I don’t even have one little piece of pasta left over.

Here’s how:

Cook a pound of pasta. (I like the organic four-color radiatore that Target sells.) Drain and rinse in cold water.

While the pasta cooks, add to a pretty bowl 8 torn up basil leaves from your garden to 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice and 4 tablespoons good olive oil. Mix this together with a teaspoon salt and a teaspoon pepper. Then, mostly drain a jar of capers and add the capers and a little caper juice to the bowl. Mix well. Next, finely chop three carrots (I used the food processor). Add 2 cups sweet cherry tomatoes cut in half. Add 1 chopped red pepper. Toss everything with your pasta.

It will taste salty / lemony / and crunchy. You will love it. We ate it so quickly that I simply had no time for a photo.


Summer Reading

So far, I’ve finished Delighting in the Trinity by Michael Reeves and Forgotten God by Francis Chan. I recommend both! It’s a summer for me to learn more about the Holy Spirit.


With Others

This morning I watched a team of ducks floating along with a gaggle of geese! I didn’t realized they socialized. I didn’t realize that ducks would hang out casually with large geese, but there they were, floating and eating and having a merry old time.

I learn that because both ducks and geese live highly social lives, they’ll often travel together. They simply don’t like to be alone. They enjoy lots of company.

It made me wonder about what it means to float alongside all kinds of people and socialize with those we might not normally enjoy just because we’re highly social and it’s good not to be alone. Take it from the birds; it’s better together.