Your Morning Ritual

Today’s class Name Game involved sharing our “morning rituals.” It’s such a great way to quickly get to know one another. We learned, for example, how one student continues to eat the exact same breakfast every single day that he began eating as a 5-year-old (waffles). I now know he’s a man of routine. I also learned how one student’s morning always begins the night before and her detailed and methodical way of preparing ahead for her outfit, her exercise plan, and her breakfast. We learn how she sets her bedtime exactly 8 hours and ten minutes before the moment she wakes up (to allow 10 minutes to fall asleep). Of course, she makes her bed the next morning. I think she’ll be the CEO of everything. Next to her, however, we learn of students whose morning consists of waking up 10 minutes before class (4 minutes to get ready and 6 to walk to class). I have students who make enormous breakfasts that include hash browns, ham, eggs, and cheese. Others are oatmeal and berry people.

I connected most with the coffee lovers and tea drinkers. I learned about favorite espresso and must-have creamer. I learned about Chinese black tea and green tea.

Three students drink lemon water every single morning. I might try this.

One student rises at 5:00 AM to work out every single morning. I won’t try this.

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