Two Recipes I Love for Dinner and Dessert

Quick Dinner: Try this super easy Better Than Take Out Shrimp Fried Rice Recipe from Averie Cooks. We made this last night and cannot wait to make it again!

Best Dessert: You must try this simple Stuffed Dates dessert that involves stuffing pitted Medjool dates with a bit of peanut butter then dipping them in melted chocolate. Freeze to let the chocolate harden and to store your batch of dates. When you want to eat one, defrost for a few minutes. They taste exactly like a Snickers bar. It’s weird how much they taste exactly like a Snickers bar. They are filling, so you only need two to feel like you’ve had a big dessert. If you need an actual recipe, here’s one to follow (although I just melt whatever chocolate I have without the oil).


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