Your Best Environment for Growth

Today I consider that where I live, with whom I live, and how I live (with the resources I’ve been given) represent the best environment for my growth. 

When we start wishing for more, different, or better, we can know that we are where we are because a Good Shepherd led us here. 

And why here? Because it’s right and good for us. Because we’ll meet with God here. We’ll know Him here. There are people here to rescue and serve. 

Here are the still waters. Here is the rest for the soul. Here is the best place to know Him deeply. 

Sure, we might long for different soil, but perhaps our particular fruit depends precisely upon how God works right here and nowhere else. A different garden might choke our roots, dry us out, disintegrate our blossoms. But here, we trust in God’s unique work in this very environment. 

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