And One Day

Someone told me that you live a second life after 40. It’s like this:

You don’t think about yourself so much; you’re not obsessing about your weight or your hair or your clothes. You’re comfortable and at ease with yourself. You don’t need much from other folks. Instead you have so much love to give. The whole world has shifted inside of you because you know you are seated with Christ moment by moment. Finally

You don’t think about any other kind of life you might be living because you’re happy and comfortable, trusting God that the life He gave you to live is exactly as it should be. All seats provide equal viewing of the universe, and all seats are the best ones. Finally, I know. 

You don’t think about what you need all the time. You don’t think about how you need to improve or grow or change. You settle into the work of living and blessing people. You know Christ guards your soul with peace, power, hope, and righteousness. Finally, I feel mature. 

I wasn’t this way in my 20s or 30s. Every day was a struggle for meaning and happiness and crafting a life instead of enjoying it. It took my soul longer than most to arrive into His peace. 

But I did. 

God is faithful. And one day, you find you cry more tears of joy than sorrow. Growing older as I walk with God has led me into paths of true love and beauty and peace. For this, I am thankful. For God’s promises fulfilled as we trust Him, I am most thankful. 

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