“You Need to Meet Me”

At a recent speaking event for my Seated, Surrendered, and Sent retreat, a woman approached me and said, “You need to meet me.”

“I do?” I said. “Why?” Other women around me parted to make space for this person.

Was she famous? Was she in publishing? Was she a publicist or journalist? Was she going to invite me to some big speaking event? Who is this woman with this audacity? 

Her eyes sparkled. Then I looked again at her face. She seemed to be missing an eye and had a patch covering part of her face. She stood in a t-shirt and jeans. She was jolly and full of this joyous energy. But still, I couldn’t believe her bold statement. Never in my life has someone approached me with such confidence matched with a strange humility. Something otherworldly was happening.

“Why do I need to meet you?” I asked again and chuckled. Meanwhile, two other women nodded their head.

You do need to meet her. 

She spoke carefully: “Well, the power that raised Christ from the dead is at work in me. I’m filled with the righteousness of Christ, and He’s flowing through me. You need to meet me because it will bless you.” She laughed and let that one eye sparkle. For a minute, I wondered if she was an angel. “I mean think about it. It’s true.”

Think about it. It’s true.

I looked at her as she stood there. She didn’t need to impress anyone. She’s never had an insecure moment. She enters a room with the confidence that her presence brings Jesus into a space.

So you need to meet her. Because she’s got Jesus for you.

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