Making it Easier

My husband recently weeded around all the raspberry canes and then tied up the long stalks so I could better pick all the raspberries. Before this, the massive tangle of raspberries made it difficult; I practically crawled into a thicket to gather raspberries and endured pokes and scapes along the way. Weeds suffocated my legs.

But now, I just pluck and pluck and pluck all the beautiful fruit. No weeds. No tangled up canes or branches on the ground.

As I filled my big bowl with berries, I thought about the life of teaching, speaking, and writing. You want to make things easy for people to grasp. You want to make the fruit of God’s word easy to understand when you present it. You want to streamline a message, remove any unnecessary information, and do what you can to put the knowledge in reach. You want to think about barriers to entry. What’s holding people back from entering in and enjoying a lesson, message, or chapter?

Before my husband repaired my raspberry patch, I didn’t even want to harvest. It felt overwhelming and exhausting to even approach the task. Now, I’m eager to do it. It’s a fast and manageable process–all due to the presentation of the garden.

Put things in reach. Streamline. Make a way for simplicity, organization, and efficiency in teaching, speaking, and writing.

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