With Foresight

Today I consider what it means to make decisions or to conduct any action with foresight.

Foresight: thinking of what you’ll need in the future and how this moment’s behavior affects that future

Consider this very moment: How will this behavior or decision influence the future? What impact will this have on tomorrow, on next month, on next year, in ten years?

Living with foresight changes how I think about today as an investment into tomorrow. It’s a mindset that keeps me out of impulsive, destructive, and aimless living. And it’s helpful. It changes how I eat (How will this effect me later?), what I watch (What fruit does this bear in my life?), how I spend my time (Is this activity helping my future?) While some might argue that this isn’t a fun way to live, I would offer that everything we do will and is impacting our future. It is. It’s happening now. To ignore this seems foolish to me, so I think about setting my mind on two dimensions: right now and tomorrow.

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