Wise and Sacred Use

This morning I read in Colossians 4:5 about “making the most of every opportunity.” I delve into the translation of this phrase, and I just love it. It means “to make wise and sacred use of every situation.”

Wise and sacred use! Of every situation! 
I’m reminded again of the mundane tasks of the day that seem to fall outside of God’s great purposes. I think of laundry, cleaning, baking, and the ordinary tasks before me. I think of the interactions I’ll have with people all day long that seem common and unimportant. 
No! Each boring moment holds within it a wise and sacred use as I let God infuse it.
Let the cleaning of dishes be wise and sacred; let my exchanges with people be wise and sacred; let the making of this bed and the rising of this bread be wise and sacred.
Is any moment outside of God? I leave my home, greet others, and remember each situation’s wise and sacred use. 
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