Why Not? (The Story of the Green Apple Cupcakes)

This year, I’ve learned to be a little gourmet.  My children taught me that with the hamburger cupcakes.  I’m learning to try things that fall way outside of my natural gifts and abilities.

Take green apple cupcakes, for example.  My youngest can’t wait to bring in cupcakes to kindergarten this week for her birthday.  She wants gourmet cupcakes, just like her sister’s hamburgers.  We search the internet together and find a lovely cupcake blog that features green apple cupcakes. 

I’m nervous about this.  We get the ingredients for cupcakes, and then I’m told I just need green sprinkles, a pretzel stick stem, a mint leaf, and some brown sprinkles to resemble apple seeds.  I’m supposed to take a little spoonful of sprinkles away to make it look like somebody took a bite out of the apple!  I have to admit that, in theory, this whole thing has the potential to be adorable. 

Slow and steady.  I follow the directions, and voila! 

I’m so happy I could burst.  It’s the same way I felt when I followed the directions to thread my old sewing machine.  I sewed doll pillows with my daughter just by following directions.

Slow and steady.

Living with flair means we do things we wouldn’t normally do.  We enter unusual worlds (like sewing and baking) and find pleasure when we simply follow directions.

Journal:  Is there a project I should try?

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  1. I LOVE your green apple cupcakes!! Way to go mom and how fun it must be to watch them get gobbled up and then have sweet green lips to kiss!!

    You are a great mom!

  2. Way to Go! What a great way to celebrate a birthday! I bet she will always remember how you made those cupcakes together!
    miss you,

  3. I have fond memories of making heart shaped cookies and icing them with pink frosting with my Mom 50 years ago. I would take them to school for Valentine's Day in leiu of paper valentines. Looking back on it now, with 8 kids it was likely a matter of money savings but I know my valentines were very popular.Sadly today my grandkids are not allowed to take homemade treats to school. Everything has to be store bought. I guess the school board likes the taste of cardboard.

  4. They are beautiful!! There is a great cookbook called “Hello Cupcake”. Most of the candy decorations can be found at the dollar store and recipes use regular canned frosting. My grandaughter and I had a grand time making snowmen, penguins, and great memories. This year our cupcake wreaths (which took all day) looked too good to eat.