Who Can Do It First?

Sometimes, on the most monotonous of days, I challenge myself to find the flair in the most ordinary of tasks.

My most ordinary task today? Probably lugging the garbage cans and recycling bins back to the garage since Monday is garbage day in our town. Rallying to do this task, I prepare myself for squeezing by the minivan, upsetting neat rows of shoes, and knocking over some gardening tool as I huff and puff my way to the back of the garage with the cans.

Well, I’m going to do it, and I’m going to find some flair. 

It’s not actually my job to do this. It’s my husband’s job; he handles trash. After work, he gathers up the cans, lids, and bins.

One day this year, I decide to surprise him and bring the cans back in. I imagined him driving in from work and breathing a happy sigh of joy that at least one little task was finished. As just a tiny love expression, a ridiculous symbol, on my part, I do this every Monday now. And every Monday, he says with surprise, “You brought in the trash!” like I’m the greatest wife in the world.

So I’m off to express my love to him, and as I open the garage door, I peer out only to find that he’s somehow done it first (maybe between meetings?).

Just a tiny love expression on his part, it’s a symbol that warms my heart.

He did it first today. I’ll get him back next Monday.

Sure enough, I found it: Living with flair means you do it first.

Is there a tiny expression of love you offer to a loved one?

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