Advancing Through Levels: Back to the Pond

We travel once again to the secret pond.

Little Girl in the Woods

At first, you don’t see anything but a reflection.

So you look deeper until you see. Salamanders and frogs blend in by design.

Stay still and watch, and soon nature rewards you.

We find more frog eggs to observe, and my daughter asks if she can touch just one very gently.

“It feels like jelly,” she says, comparing it to something–anything–she already knows.

Meanwhile, we begin our journey back, and I note how all the vines and thorns carefully guard this secret place. You must advance through so many levels just to arrive. And then, you battle with your own perception just to see anything.

In this game, the prize is observation and experience. You return with the spoils of wonder.

I love this game.

Enjoy Sunday! I wish you were here with me to travel to the secret vernal pond!

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