While It Lasts

 Autumn arrives and fades so quickly.  

Already, some trees surrender their leaves.

The weather report predicts snow for later this week.  Snow!  I’m never ready for it. 

All day, I’m reminded of these glorious colors that do not last

I look up from my life, and time has fallen around my feet like leaves from an oak tree in winter.  I tell my oldest daughter to enjoy these carefree days of childhood while they last.  A college student’s mother visits my class and tells the students to “be sponges and enjoy college while it lasts.” 

This impulse (and commitment) to blog–to record a moment in time–has something to do with capturing the fleeting day.  This day happened!  It really did!  The sky was that blue.  The leaves were this vibrant. 

Each day offers something.  One day, I’ll rake them together like a pile of leaves to jump in, squealing with delight like I did as a girl. 

Journal:  What moment would you want to record about this day? 

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0 Responses

  1. A perfect autuman day shared with friends and dogs before work tonight :). Yes, remember the now. 

  2. Moment from today: How handsome, dignified and proud my former student, Drew, looked in his Marine dress uniform when he came to school today to visit me (and work with the Marine recruiter).

    Moment from today: Jonathan running up to me at daycare, and then running in circles with his arms straight up in the air!

  3. Wow.  I love that imagery.  I suppose fall and old age/the passage of time is a common symbol but I've never really considered time in the aspect of fall leaves that never stay as long as you wish and never come back once they're gone.