While Falling, You’re Caught

My husband and I walk in the woods in search of icicles. 

I’ve always been enchanted by icicles.  They possess a strange beauty.


Icicles form because the warm sun melts the snow, but then that water freezes as it encounters the lower temperatures below.  With each attempt to melt, the icicle simply grows longer and more beautiful. 

Little by little, drop by drop, the structure forms.  Just when the water above thaws, freeing it, the cold air below paralyzes it again.

Sometimes, we stay suspended just when we think we’re finally free.  We attempt and fail, attempt and fail.  But in it, we grow more and more beautiful.  Conditions aren’t right just yet.  We hang on, letting the process work. 

Winter won’t last forever. 

Do you love icicles, too? 

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