When You Think You’ve Planted a Cherry Tomato Plant but It’s Actually a Ground Cherry. It’s Not the Same.

I thought I had picked up a cherry tomato plant, but it was actually a ground cherry. I happily planted my little plant but then noticed it didn’t seem like a normal cherry tomato plant.

(As you can tell, I don’t know what I’m doing in my garden sometimes!)

I’ve had to learn all about ground cherries. It’s fascinating. They aren’t really tomatoes or cherries. They are part of the tomato family, but they grow so differently and taste more like strawberries or pineapple.

The good news is that my ground cherries can also be roasted or chopped alongside my Serrano peppers and Roma tomatoes for a delicious salsa. They will fall naturally within these little papery husks. You only gather the cherries when they fall to the ground. I like that. There’s no guessing. You just see them fall and gather them.

I also love how a perceived mistake often turns into something marvelous and something to learn more about. This mistake just might be the missing ingredient in what might just become the best salsa ever.

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