When You Feel Held Back

I see sunflowers all over the neighborhood now. Everywhere I look, it seems a neighbor has a glorious patch of sunflowers saluting the sun.

My single sunflower has no bloom yet. She pitifully goes through the motions, following that sun, like an Olympian practicing a rotation for the real event.

She’s absolutely hidden inside a cage of green teeth. Each day, the prison grows stronger and larger about her. How will that sunflower burst forth at all?

When it does happen (and it will), I know she’ll be amazing–doing what she was born to do–at just the right time. Before then, she practices and waits.

That’s what we do. We practice and wait, preparing for the good events God has.

And sometimes the cage feels so tight and appears so fierce because that’s how much it takes to restrain us till just the right time. We’re that beautiful and glorious and strong!

Did you ever feel held back on purpose?

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0 Responses

  1. I HAVE felt held back on purpose. It's hard to describe, but it truly was the sensation of being isolated in a cocoon. Yet, I felt in my spirit, that God was telling me to be still. To hold my peace. He was going to fight my battle for me. His timing is perfect though I'm very impatient many times.

  2. So beautifully explained, Butterfly-in-the-making! I like that He said to be still, hold your peace, and let Him fight. Awesome.