When We’re All in This Together

Today I journeyed in a snowstorm to drive my daughter to school. With low visibility, icy roads, and tons of traffic, a 10 minute drive took 45 minutes. Despite the danger and the delay, the drive offered the beauty of fluffy snowflakes, a white landscape, and travelers united in their slow-motion commute.

Nobody honked or drove aggressively; instead, we all sort of crept along, probably all wondering why in the world nobody canceled school for the day. Since I had nowhere to be other than in my warm car, listening to Christmas music and watching the snowfall, I began to enjoy the peaceful moments of togetherness when we travelers all journeyed in a snowstorm as one.

I suppose that’s one blessing of difficulty in a community: it brings people together. Neighbors checked in; spouses called; local news updated; school children confirmed their arrival into warm, safe classrooms. Back home, I wrapped up in warmer clothes, turned up the crockpot where lentil soup cooked, and began the work for the day. And I felt warmly connected to my town in the snow.

I just don’t know how anybody will get home from school today! Will the PSU basketball game still happen? Who knows?

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