Uniting in Prayer for Revival

Every day now, I pray that God would “pour out His spirit” and call people to Himself. I’m not the only one seeking God in this way; perhaps you have been asking God to revive His people and bring in a great harvest. Why not pray with me every morning and evening a simple but powerful prayer that God would reveal Himself to many people in our communities; that families would repent and return fully to God; that we would worship God “in Spirit and in truth” and that many would be supernaturally and unexplainably drawn to Jesus? Why not pray for a spirit of worship to consume our towns?

As I read about the history of revival, I see how thousands upon thousands were cut to the heart and turned to Jesus. They became instantly aware of God’s holiness and their need for a savior. Their lives changed; they joined churches, they helped the poor and suffering people, and they lived with joy, clarity, and hope in Christ. Christians enjoyed great unity, too, in times of historic revivals. They lived for eternity.

I think it’s time.

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