When It’s Harder to Count Your Blessings

My neighbor and I discussed the difficulty of counting your blessings when you’re in a hard season of life. Since we’re both exceedingly positive people, you know things are rough if even we have a hard time finding the good.

I love keeping the gratitude journal for such a time as this. When it’s especially hard to count one’s blessings, the challenge is to force yourself to fill a page in your journal. I’m thanking God for the rain, for friends, for medicine, for God’s timing, for family, for laughter, for a soft bed, for a warm bath, for pickles, for meaningful work, for the Bible, for the Holy Spirit’s comfort, for hope, for a future in heaven, for watermelons growing on the vine, for my cat pouncing on butterflies in the backyard, for big bear hugs, for seasons, for how the brain loves to learn, for God giving us a purpose, for spiritual gifts, for turtles, for how a cat bathes herself, for tomatoes from the neighbor’s garden, for friends who text funny memes, for small towns, for great stories, for great food, for popsicles, for nice writing pens, for blackberries, sunsets, and early morning walks. 

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