A Day Off and a Reset

I didn’t write yesterday. I took a day off, and it reminded that living with flair means it’s always a good practice to reset. Enduring a bad case of COVID feels like a whole-body reset. I’ve done nothing but hydrate, take vitamins, and eat to support my health. Now, I’m reset. I pray for the new me to emerge healthier and stronger post-COVID.

Today, I still have no smell and hardly any ability to taste. There’s a lingering cough. Overall, day 5 is much better. I might even take a walk today if I can.

If you start having symptoms and test positive for COVID, here is the list of things I wish I had ready. Maybe this will help you stock up in preparation: Vitamin C, D3, and Zinc. Tylenol or other fever reducers. Electrolyte replacement drinks. A good thermometer. A pulse oximeter. A box of tissues. Cough drops. And maybe the most important: A Netflix account! 


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