What’s Next?

This morning, I walked the children to school for the last official time.

I can’t believe it: 8 years of walking!

I don’t linger on the ending of it all for long. I call my friend and muse about what’s next.

What kind of gathering could naturally bring neighbors together for a crucial connection–no matter how brief–each day. What else could we do? What’s next? Over the years, we’ve had pancake breakfasts, writing groups, Neighborhood Fitness, Monday Night Basement Dance Party, potlucks, service projects. . .

What’s next? I’m praying about some new ideas for neighborhood fun. Maybe I’ll offer pie night once a week and everyone comes for my coconut cream pies. Maybe, like my friend Rob suggested, we’ll start a French Salon Night for intellectual discourse. We’ll just pose some interesting, generous questions and talk about ideas.

Maybe I’ll combine the two: Pies and Pondering. 

Who knows what’s next?





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