Sounds We Love

We talk about sounds we love over dinner. It’s a great conversation question. My youngest begins this discussion when she proclaims, out of the blue, “I love the sound the knife makes as it butters crisp toast!”

I post on Facebook this conversation in order to report that I love when the sound when things click together like seat belts. Others join in to announce their favorite sounds: squeaking doors of chicken coops, dial-up modems, rain on roofs, laughter, fishing rods, even the word, “Yes!” Rustling leaves, birds, sounds of things opening like library books with their plastic covers and cans.

I love a little sound therapy. Just thinking about my favorite sounds soothes me. I think of ocean waves, wind in the trees at night, owl hoots, and the sound of the car turning off to signal that someone I love has arrived home.

I even chose this keyboard because of the sound of the keys when I type.

Oh, the sounds!


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