What You Won’t Know Until It Rains

My friend just bought a new house in town, and today, she learns of a small leak in the roof. It’s a downpour kind of day; it’s so rainy that even our Walk-to-School group drives in.

This kind of deluge immediately showcases any roof holes or cracks otherwise hidden in dry weather.

This kind of weather shows you the strength of your roof.

All afternoon, I realize the truth of what life’s downpours of disappointment or discomforts reveal; they immediately showcase areas of growth in my character. They show my strengths and weaknesses. I’m that unsuspecting roof, and I see my leaky spots in trying times. I can, however, repair and strengthen them to weather the next storm. In this way, I grow.

But how would I know about them unless it rained? How would I grow if not for the storm that illuminates these spots in my heart?

I’m thankful to weather whatever storm comes because of what it teaches me about ways I can still grow. One day, I’ll endure even the hardest trial with joy and strength because I’ve built up the strongest roof.

I’m reminded of 1 Peter and the fiery trials that forge a genuine faith. We rejoice in this; we aren’t surprised; we aren’t afraid. We know we’re building something watertight, leakproof, and solid.

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