What You Saw Has a Name! It’s Called “Diamond Dust!”

This morning, I briefly feel like I’m hallucinating (either that or a migraine’s coming on). The air around me looks covered in silver glitter. I look up into the bright sky. Nope, it’s not snow. I poke my head out of my coat and scarf. Nope, there’s no wind blowing the snow around.

I’m seeing something beautiful and a little bit haunting. It’s like little diamonds surround me as I walk.

I learn something astonishing: I’m seeing the meteorological phenomenon of Diamond Dust.

Diamond dust is a ground level cloud of ice-crystals that normally occur in Polar regions, but this beautiful event can happen anywhere temperature fall below freezing. You can read more about it here.

It’s glorious! It makes the terrible cold worth it.

Here’s a video of Diamond Dust in Finland. This is what I saw this morning.

Enjoy your gorgeous, freezing day. Some beautiful things only happen in the midst of something otherwise unpleasant. I’m looking at this winter a little differently now. Without this cold, no diamonds.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this – now I want to see it too!
    We had ice fog here the other week, it was very dense and created slippery conditions as you might expect.