What You Require for Peace, Control, and Security

Today I’m challenged to think differently about idolatry. I discover a question that invites true repentance:

“What do I require in my life in order to feel peace, control, and security?” (Thank you to Keith Johnson and his article, “Hearing the Music of the Gospel,” for sparking my thinking.)

Did you think about good health, more money, physical safety, or a clear sense of the future? I did!

Whatever I believe gives me ultimate peace, control, or security apart from Jesus becomes a kind of idol.

I immediately think of what most unsettles me, threatens me, and brings insecurity right now. Now, for example, I often rest in our good health. When my children battle any kind of illness, I believe that if only we had perfect health, I would have all the peace, control, and security I need. But do I believe that Jesus can provide all I need in any situation, no matter what, with no conditions, because He is the answer to the deepest need of my heart for peace, control, and security?

I find such joy and renewed peace when I let go of my need for anything else but Jesus to bring me the peace, control, and security I so desperately need.

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