What You Really Want

I’m vacuuming.  I’m in the worst mood as I think about the day ahead (laundry, dishes, cleaning), so I beg God to send me relief from all this work. 
Just then, the power goes out in our neighborhood.
I throw myself onto the bed.  “Oh, great!  I can’t even vacuum now because the power went out! What a horrible day!  God, please let the power come back on so I can work!” 
I imagine a great heavenly chuckle.  What do you really want? 
What do I really want?  I have no idea. 
What do I want, God?  What do I really want? 
The answer arrives:  I want to be able to give thanks in all circumstances: work, rest, convenience, inconvenience, light, or darkness.   Vacuuming or not.  Thank you for the electricity, and thank you for a power outage.  

Did you have an opportunity to give thanks to “all circumstances” today? 
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  1. Now isn't that the truth!!!!! I can just see it now. Love you BIGGIE bunches, Heather…your flair always makes my day! Have a beautiful Sunday. XOX