What You Give

Happy New Year! I pray this is your best year yet, full of marvelous, fresh joys, laughter, creativity, wonder, and rich community.

Last night, some neighbors invited our street to come down to watch fireworks they bought. We could stay socially-distanced while still laughing together and bringing in the new year with all the children. It was a generous fireworks party, just for the neighbors. Another family brought beverages, and still another set up a fire pit in a driveway with little slips of paper where we could throw 2020 into the fire to say good-bye to a hard year. Both events made me grateful, hopeful, and happy. Those families gave us a great gift of love and togetherness on New Years Eve.

For 2021, in addition to committing to daily moisturizing (Ha! I’m serious!), I want to add good to others, to give more to others, and to think about how I can bless wherever I am.

Here’s to a fresh, new year!


In case you’re not on Facebook and want to know what I’m posting to encourage writers in January, I included my post below:

Today is the day! Consider the writing project you’d most like to finish. By the end of the month, you could finish this project.

Tip: The single question: Think of your writing project as the answer to a question someone is asking. Write that question down. Every book I’ve written began with a great question I needed to answer first for myself and then for others. What question does your project answer for the world?

Question: Is your question best answered by a novel, a poem, a song, a nonfiction book, a blog post or a news article? Decide which form of writing your project should take and why.

You can start writing today! Try just 300 words (about a typed, double spaced page).

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