What You Can Do

The Italian Mama offers great wisdom this AM about changing your mindset when faced with overwhelming tasks. When you think, “I can’t do this. It’s too overwhelming,” ask yourself what you can do instead. Maybe you can’t walk for an hour but you can walk for 20 minutes. Maybe you can’t do this or that big thing, but you can do something small. Do that small thing.

This works! As I sat to revise parts of my novel this morning, the task felt too large. I needed to research social media use in tween girls. I needed to work on some tension and characterization. Instead of sitting in defeat and saying, “I cannot do this!” I can remember what I can do. I can work on Chapter 24. I don’t have to do everything.

If you are overwhelmed right now, think of what you can do. You can drink some water. You can go move your body for 10 minutes. You can write just one note to the friend in pain. What is the small thing you can do?

I continue to love Italian Mama wisdom after a decade!

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