Plum Orchard Progress

So far, I have two plumcot trees growing into maturity. I still won’t have fruit for another few summers (at best, next summer), so I’m learning to “take the long view.” Plumcots need to cross-pollinate, so my orchard might not see fruit for much longer as I wait for the next tree to flower.

Meanwhile, much like God’s work in our own hearts, the plumcots undergo pruning, special fertilizer, watering, and protection against pests. I like participating in seasons of special care and protection for my plums because I remember that some years of our lives involve just being and growing without any output, productivity, or usefulness to the world. (And I’m not even sure I grew trees from seeds that will produce fruit! Who knows? Does it matter?)

What matters is this:  The Loving Gardener takes great delight in us in every season whether flowering and fruiting or simply being. And whether or not I ever see fruit, I’ve loved delighting in my little plumcot trees.

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