What You Bring to the Fight

A great big dog and his owner arrive at our front door yesterday.  This neighbor has stopped by to visit on the front porch, but while fumbling with his gloves, he lets the leash loose.  The enormous dog squeezes past the screen door and rockets into the house.

Our cat, Louie, sits in the foyer, minding his own business.  He’s licking a paw; he’s yawning. 

And then, in a blur of fur and teeth, the dog nearly devours my cat.

Louie barely escapes.  He then exits the scene in what I think is a cowardly retreat.  But no!  That cat has hidden himself from view momentarily.  While hiding, the cat puffs out his fur in a magnificent display and returns to fight. 

Huge canine beast verses tiny (but now very fluffy) kitty.  There’s no chance, folks.

But Louie knows he can dominate by speed, sharp claws, and clever maneuvering.  Size does not matter when you know what you bring to the fight.

We intervene and stop the brawl.  But all night, I’m laughing about Louie’s bravery.  I’m chuckling about how he hid away, like Clark Kent in a telephone booth, to make his Superman transformation of fluffed-up fur that wasn’t even impressive. Did he not realize how out-sized he was?  Did he not think of the danger?

It’s ridiculous to take on such a monstrous dog.  But in kitty logic, size rarely matters.  Besides, Louie knew that my husband had his back.  And this was his turf.  No dogs allowed. 

That cat has flair.  His confidence, despite his size, amazes me.  Might I enter my mental and spiritual battles with the same fervor?  The enemy looms large, but I know what I bring to the fight.  I know who has my back.  Kitty logic might just save the day.

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  1. Cats may be a lot smaller than dogs but what they have is just as powerful as size. Flair, attitude, moxie, whatever you want to call it.

    From the day we brought our dog home, The Cat, as we affectionately call him, made it known who would be in charge of their relationship. With a simple puff of fur and a lift of his paw he can send the dog packing any time he pleases. It's magnificent.

  2. I have to admit that I am a chronic retreater. Bare your teeth and I'm running for the couch. Of course, there's a time and place for everything. There is a right opportunity to let the bully be a jerk and then there's a time to stand and be counted.

    God, help me know the difference.

  3. Great story! I need some of that cat flair. When I am tempted to give in to fear, I will now pray for God to grant me “kitty logic” and the ability to trust Him in all things. I'm glad I found your blog and, as a new subscriber, I'm looking forward to coming back and enjoying future posts.

  4. What a hilarious story! I am a cat-lover, and when we had both cat and dog, I would absolutely delight in the way my cat would “hide” on top of the the couches and chairs, waiting for the dog to lumber on by, for a chance to pounce, paw, and generally harrass the dog, and then run wildly back to his hiding place, where the dog couldn't retaliate. Smart cat. Wild cat.