What Were You Thinking?

Yesterday, a particularly thoughtful student said she wanted to start a blog.  She’s been thinking about this for a long time.  As we walked together, she said, “I wouldn’t have anything to say, though.  What would I write about?”

I wonder if what she really means is:  “What would I write about that anybody would care about?” 

The desire to make our internal thoughts external immediately comes under attack.  We often stay supremely private because we feel we have nothing worthwhile to say.  Our observations aren’t valuable contributions, so we stay quiet and unheard.

We think that nobody would care anyway.  

If only we would share!  If only we all could talk openly about our thoughts and have others honor them.  Not because they were clever or wise or funny.  Not because they were politically or socially popular or trendy.

Sometimes I ask my daughters to tell me what they are thinking about.  My oldest reveals she’s been wondering why in the world garlic wards off vampires.

When I ask students what they are thinking about, the weight of silence in the room unsettles me.  I ask them to write me something instead.  Just a paragraph.  Just a few sentences. 

That evening, I burst into tears at my desk as I read paragraph after paragraph of “what they were thinking.”  Such depth!  Such complexity!  Such unique viewpoints!  Why don’t they share these out loud?  Why don’t they proclaim these things?

Might I change the climate in that classroom (and in my home) to have them speak up?  I want to hear everything you are thinking about.

Even if it’s about garlic, I want to hear it.

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  1. I relate with the girl who was thinking about starting a blog. I, too, thought about it for a year. The Lord convinced me that I shouldn't keep the message of His grace to me-and the world-to myself. What a rush to think that someone might receive Jesus as Savior from the mustard seeds I plant!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement about beginning a blog. I've been thinking about it for quite awhile too. Your post today might just be the push I've been needing!

  3. Yes, Heather, it is amazing what people are thinking–both profound and absurd. Getting it out in front of others, interacting with them, will help us to discover which the particular thought is, and perhaps enable us to grow in both our thinking and expressing abilities.

  4. I love the encouraging nature of your post, and the idea that so many of us have worthwhile thoughts that deserve to be shared. I started a blog on intuition a little over a year ago, and at first it was tough going. I averaged one post per month. Now, even though I still struggle at times, I average one post per week – and I'm shooting for two. I take inspiration from your ability to post every day, and your willingness to share. Thanks!