What My Daughter Hid Behind the Piano

I’m sitting in my rocking chair, taking just a moment to catch my breath and talk to God, when I notice something sparkling in the corner of the room.  It’s actually sparkling from behind the piano.  Someone has hidden something back there. 

It’s my daughter’s diary–the one with the glitter cover–that she asked for last June.  Our piano sits in the corner of the living room, and if you squeeze behind it, you find yourself in a little dark alcove.  It’s the perfect hiding place for a child and her diary.  (I ask my daughter for her permission to blog about this secret, and she says, “Yes, and tell people it’s too hard to think when there’s a crowd around you. Sometimes you have to hide.”)

She hides back there, writing down her secret thoughts, and then she locks the diary and tucks it far back into the corner.  She says it’s important to think about the good and bad of each day–just to know it and work it all out

I imagine that dark behind-the-piano solitude, and I wish I could fit back there today.  That journal’s flashy cover catching my eye all day beckons me to go hide and think for a while. 

It reminds me to leave my children alone sometimes and just let them think about things

Living with flair means hiding away at some point today to think about things.  And it means letting others do the same.

Journal:  Do I have a hiding place to go and think about things? 

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  1. Hi, Heather,

    This is a wonderful post, I'm going to share it with my daughter, Jenn. Did you know this year she decided she wants to be an English professor?

  2. Heard this quote this week regarding finding time alone:
    'Only in stillness do we learn to listen with the interior ear, calm down enough to sense the Lord's presence, find out that the Lord loves us & that we are made to love Him. Silence is not a den of terror. It is the place where we fall in love'.

  3. Wow….I can really relate. As a child, I would sit under a large oak tree in our pasture and listen to the running creek. It was quiet and I could think my most private thoughts there. Everyone needs that kind of solitude if only for a short while each day. We can meet the Lord there and listen to His Spirit. Great post my friend!